Annual International Meeting of
the Lithuanian Senological Society ©2023

May 12, 2023
National Art Gallery, Konstitucijos av. 22, Vilnius, Lithuania.


Dr. N. Peradze, Italy

Dr. N. Peradze


Prof. B. Thürlimann, Switzerland

Prof. B. Thürlimann


Prof. C. Tausch, Switzerland

Prof. C. Tausch


Prof. F. De Lorenzi Italy

Prof. F. De Lorenzi


Prof. Florian Fitzal Austria

Prof. Florian Fitzal



Dr. Andrea Vittorio Emanuele Lisa


09.00–09.10 Welcoming address: prof. V. Ostapenko, President of Lithuanian Senological Society.

Session 1. Moderators: A. Bružienė (Vilnius, Lithuania), Prof. G. Smailytė (Vilnius, Lithuania), O. Liagaudienė, MD (Vilnius, Lithuania)

09.10–09.25 „And Life Goes On…” A. Bružienė, President of National Association of Breast Disease, Vilnius, Lithuania.

09.25–09.45 Epidemiology of Breast Cancer in Lithuania. Prof. G. Smailytė, National Cancer Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania.

09.50–10.05 Hereditary breast cancer syndrome: multigene testing and cancer risk management. O. Liaugaudienė, MD, National Cancer Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania.

10.10–10.25 Triple negative breast carcinoma: low grade spectrum. G. Liubertaitė, MD, B. Valkiūnienė, MD, State Pathology Center, Vilnius, Lithuania

10.25–10.45 Coffee break

Session 2. Moderators: Dr. G. Bulotienė (Vilnius, Lithuania), Dr. E. Korobeinikova (Kaunas, Lithuania), Dr. A. Burneckis (Vilnius, Lithuania)

10.45–11.00 Radiogenomics in breast cancer diagnosis. Dr. R. Briedienė, Dr. J. Ušinskienė, National Cancer Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania

11.05–11.20 Neoadjuvant Radiotherapy in Breast Cancer. Dr. E. Korobeinikova, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas, Lithuania

11.25–11.40 New Modalities in Breast Cancer Radiotherapy. Dr. A. Burneckis, National Cancer Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania

11.45–12.00 Psychosocial rehabilitation of the women with breast cancer. Dr. G. Bulotienė, G. Dylertaitė, MD, National Cancer Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania

12:05–12.15 Benefits of Prognostic Breat Cancer Testing: Technology and Case Studies“. Dr. Bertrand Farnault (Marseille, France).

12.20–12.40 Coffee break

Session 3. Moderators: Dr. N. Peradze (Milan, Italy). Prof. F. De Lorenzi (Milan, Italy), Prof. A. Boguševičius (Kaunas, Lithuania), A.Česas, MD (Klaipeda, Lithuania)

12.45–13.15 Safety of autologous fat grafting in breast cancer: a multicenter Italian study. A. Lisa, MD, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy.

13.15–13.45 Early complications after immediate implant-based breast reconstruction. Prof. V. Ostapenko, National Cancer Institute; Kardiolitos Klinikos, Vilnius, Lithuania.

13.50–14.20 Robotic Breast Surgery: questions and reflections. Dr. N. Peradze, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy.

14.25–14.40 Immediate prepectoral implant-based breast reconstruction. A new standard? E. Ostapenko, MD, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania.

14.45–15.15 Conservative implant-based breast reconstruction. Prof. F. De Lorenzi, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy.

15.20–15.45 Treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer:current status and
future perspective. Prof. T*.*Pienkowski, Warsaw, Poland.

15.50–16.10 Coffee Break

Session 4. Moderators: Prof. F. Fitzal (Vienna, Austria), Prof. C. Tausch (Zürich, Switzerland), Prof. V.Ostapenko (Vilnius, Lithuania)

16.15–16.45 Oncoplastic Surgery Today. Prof. F. Fitzal, Medical University of Vienna, Austria.

16.50–17.05 Axillary surgery vs SLNB in triple negative breast cancer. St. Gallen consensus 2023 and short panelists of the St. Gallen Consensus remarks (Prof. F.Fitzal, Prof. B. Thürlimann, Prof. C. Tausch). A. Ostapenko, MDNational Cancer Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania.

17.10–17.40 Oncoplastic surgery – best choice of the right technique. Prof. C. TauschBrust Zentrum Zürich, Switzerland.

 St. Gallen consensus 2023. Prof. B. Thürlimann, St. Gallen, Switzerland.

18.20–18.35 Closing remarks. Prof. V. Ostapenko, National Cancer Institute; Kardiolitos Klinikos, Vilnius, Lithuania and Prof. B. Thürlimann, St. Gallen, Switzerland.