Annual International Meeting of
the Lithuanian Senological Society ©2023

May 12, 2023
National Art Gallery, Konstitucijos av. 22, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Professor Valerijus Ostapenko

President of Lithuanian Senological Society

Dear colleagues,

My warmest wishes to You in New 2023 Year!

It is my great honor to invite You to the upcoming “Annual International Meeting of the Lithuanian Senological Society” on 12 May 2023 Vilnius, Lithuania.

During this meeting experts from major Lithuanian and worldwide breast cancer centers will share the latest information about the biology, prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of breast cancer and premalignant breast diseases. 

I’m looking forward to meet many professionals in person again and will very much enjoy meeting old and new friends.

Abstract deadline

06 April, 2023

Vilnius 700

Welcome to Vilnius for its 700th Anniversary!


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